Dec 18, 2004

Ear City - part IV

Welcome to the fourth and almost final part the pentology "Ørestaden". So... dive in while the plot thickens:

He slowly drew a quarter of a circle with his gun, hoping this directed confrontation would leave a suffering sensation on his opponent’s hierarchic belonging to the depth of that nature it consisted of. The wrinkling of its nose told him that he wasn't carrying the proper importance of being included in it's perceived existence, though he was the commander of the landscape. Only he had the quality of sending death to every single part of it...
the wound doesn't seem so bad
there is no wound
just a little scratch from the shave
my hair is sticky
heavy on my ear
The feeling of his elbow disappeared. A cold breeze had found it's way beneath the collar, describing a perfect curve connecting his neck with the left arm. He couldn't move...
It's getting deeper. He is sweating. The black tower is far behind him. He could crawl all the way up if he wanted. There are children reaching only the waist of their teacher. Standing on the edge, they have wind in their hair. They can hear the sound of metal entering soil. He is working hard. Removing the thick mud he is standing on. She comes down the stairs, following the flow of people. A woman says something to her. She steps off the curbstone, placing her foot on the asphalt. He stops and breathes heavily.
Its dark deep sight panned against the flatness of the view, ruling him out of his attempt on establishing a religious juxtaposition of life and death.
dark salty taste in the back of my mouth
really cold suddenly so cold
it doesn’t matter i breath better now
looking forward to go home
the tobacco smell from my father
i'm almost sleeping
the cold reach my ass
the ground is hard small stones mixed with water
it satisfies my thirst
so good to lay down
my heavy hair reaches my eye
the wind is hot
i love animals
the tongue feels so good touching my face big and hot the smell of dog
my dog
no a little more no too much
it was a cat eye
it is the same feeling now
The panning was over. He gently moved his right hand out of the sleeve and began negotiating power again. He regained the feeling in his left elbow. A smaller tip of the wrinkled skin was feeling good between the thumb and the middle finger.
heavy breath behind the ear to the pillow
also the orange cushions in the canapé
gooooodnigt gooooodnight gooooodnight
not more now
and the brown wristwatch i had to change the strap it made me sick
the bed is to short now
the legs are out in the cold wet
the cat has taken them

The slow motion of the elevator moving down. Nobody can see him. Muffled sounds enter from the outside, can't hear him. He could scream. He watches the world slide up and is compressed when the elevator stops. Nobody's out there. For half a second he's almost weightless, then the sound takes over again.
To have access to it's pain. I'm just one of the creatures in nature who is not capable of implying deadly fear upon others.

That was it for now, but stay alert for the fifth and final chapter, coming up very soon...

And don't forget the exiting christmas competition. There have already been one (1) entry - which makes Alex look like a strong possible winner so far. It might be suitable to mention the winners prize at this point: It is homemade and potentially very dangerous in the wrong hands (and shipped world wide if necessary).
So join in, you still have chance untill.... christmas eve (the Danish one off course
- december 24. ).

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