Dec 15, 2004

Ear City - part III

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, here is chapter 3 of the innovative shortstory "Ørestaden":

A slight disturbance in the texture of the landscape appeared. Something had moved. A new character had introduced itself to his surroundings.
Sour soil fell from the antlers...
shit my ankle it hurts
it was a bad idea wearing these shoes
now it’s broken
its ridiculous
i just need cigarettes
here you are
feet is slippery against the smooth floor
the heat in here makes me remember my wound
i could ask him to lick it
i love my ass
it was hot
it is cold under my knees
His boots left heavy traces in the mud. He thought of the shift of perception. Wasn't he in fact the one who made the disturbances in the area. He was the intruder in this huge scenery being the located one...
Now his boots began to consume the environment, slowly the cold water was trapped inside a narrow space, gasping, reaching for the right moment to collaborate. Maybe the fireplace would be the perfect background for his socks. It made him think of how his body would align with nature...

There are shovels hanging from the ceiling. Many. All kinds. The man watches him. He is walking slowly around, looking up. His gaze disappearing in the dark between the handles. "Can I help you". Some of the shovels turn slowly around their own axis. "Yes". He is still looking up. "I need a shovel". Behind the man a shelf is filled with little boxes. They are all full. He pays and leaves, down two steps. His feet are wet. Out of the alley, onto the square.
The glimpse of an eye took his view away from its muscles. Now he was in the position of navigating with fear. He took three firm steps forward showing his domination, but regretted immediately after. It responded with a gesture that stated an awareness of the situation, but at the same time made the decision of ignoring it.

Was he in the position of taking over the power? Was there a response to every action he would take from now? He took another three steps. Nothing happened. Its position in the deep snow had tied it to the vast landscape.
get out home
stupid to wear dress after fall
can they smell it
i should have shaved
where shall i go
i should visit my mother
i hate her
So there it was. The real face of nature. Was it through the eyes of this creature the true master would reveal? The actual boundaries.
Where the culture ends the nature begins. And in this nature our hands cannot reach.

To be continued...

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N Helenihi said...

Adam, You Rule! Your site just keeps getting better and better. I haven't done much work lately. Hey, do you know who Gus Hansen is?

I think I may start a series on bird flu. Talk to you later.