Dec 14, 2004

It was a cold and stormy night

Finally I uploaded some pics. And here they are, click them to get to larger versions. Jens, Kasper and I left home at three in the morning and returned at seven.
jens og kasper
skørt ned

Funny enough the pictures ended up apparently getting a quite clear, sort of narrative, meaning that was never intended in this way... but we'll just have to live with that. They are connected to the story "ear city", but not as directly as you might think.

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Anonymous said...

this actually works now!

i like this blog of urs darling.... but i miss you soo when i read it... so i just woke up 2 hrs ago, and right before i woke up u were in my dreams! we were building some small machines out of elements that look like small scafolddings from lille. and then you were stealing some things from me, so my model was falling appart. and then we were arguing... and then bloody phone rang so we didnt stop arguing i just woke up. but it wasnt serious arguemnt. more teasing sort... now i need to run...