Dec 3, 2004

global comic jam

I like comics a lot. Mostly European comics, though. I prefer the European style. Not particularly for the drawings, but for the stories. From fantasy and sci-fi to spy and gangster thrillers, epic stories in historic settings or social realism from the present day... Naturalistic or surreal. Some of my favorite artists are Moebious, Boucq, Bilal, McKean and Schuiten/Peeters. The endless numbers of muscular superheroes that comes out of the states is not very interesting to me, although stories like "Sandman" and "Sin City" has pulled up the average quite a bit...

Anyways, yesterday I came across a super site - GLOBAL COMIC JAM - where artist from all over the world work together on stories, drawing one or two pages each before the next takes over. The ones I've read so far have been awesome, so please have a look. There's days of entertainment on that site...days, i tell you...

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xLaB said...

Damn - had I known that, I would have brought along some stuff from _the_ comic-country (besides beer) Belgium ;)

Did you read that quite early comic by Moebius "The fubla garage of ... fublaman" (dont know anymore how it is called. Despite having read quite a lot of his Blueberry I am not really a fond of this one of his "styles".

I presume you know that Schuiten and Peters studied architecture before turning to comic? One can see a big admiration for "Art Nouveau" and Victor Horta in quite a lot of their works. An astonishing thing to know is that for couple of pictures, they start from virtua 3D models.

So far for me now ;)