Dec 12, 2004

Ear City - part I

The past week I've been doing a workshop, we had to write texts, preferably fiction. But that was not all we did. Oh no. We also went out to Ørestaden, late night. And we took some damn nice pictures there that I've been trying to upload like a crazy. But it friggin keeps not working... SO, instead you're gonna get the exciting little piece of text Kasper, Jens and I have written. We had a lot of fun. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give to you... "ØRESTADEN", chapter 1:

When it's raining in the summer, the square is covered in colored umbrellas. All colors and patterns. From the window it doesn't look like anything else. It's raining so much that the square is completely empty. The girls are standing in the doorways showing only their legs. It will be over soon.
cigarettes down at the corner
its cold out there
the banister
the forefinger fits under
fresh air
back leg aching
stairs go down must be there soon
mulvad jensen
it’s no longer fall

A group of naked young elms appeared through an exaggerated clear air and a rather extensive gust of wind had sneaked between the trees and now hit his pores with suffercating frost particles. He drove them out through his mouth.

stupid to wear white high heels
but feels good against the legs
is soon back
the wound under my arm is itching
i feel cheap i hate it
a new advertisement for apples has appeared its strong green light hurts in the eyes makes somehow the wound tickle in an other way
it feels soft
it is wet out here
The bottle-green trousers suited him well, as they fell in long soft folds. The shoelaces were precisely pressing the leather against his ankle so that it both could breath and got the compressed heat the skin has when it gets in contact with a larger area of furry material.
this shit wind
always the same
i don’t remember when my fingers didn’t stink of imitated leather
this red skin at the root of my thumb
it taste bitter
i am so happy
i feel good with my ass in this dress
cigarettes fit me

chapter 2 will follow very soon - that's a promise, not a threat, it's written and ready,so better come back soon...

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