May 17, 2005


Since I'm stuck, working like crazy on my girlfriends final project, due friday - there'll be NO UPDATES untill saturday....

We have just reached the point where prayers might come in handy, so if there's any believers reading this, please include us in yours ... for atheists - if you could just cross your fingers it would be much appreciated.

Thank you

May 14, 2005


It's my brothers birthday today, imagine - 26, not bad for a little boy his age...

TILLYKKE Frede, hip hip hurra for dig. Weather is not to bad today and although you coul've done better, you've generally been a good boy this past year of yours :D


That's him - ain't he pretty....

You can all congratulate him now ...

New fishies

Have you seen - I got some new linkfish... they swim and swim. I think I'll still have to change them a bit, but who knows when I'll get around to that. So, why are they there, you ask yourself. Well, to be honest - that's what the young people want. Action. As a blogger one simply has to stay on the beat at all times... Furthermore - it's because I'm planning a new improved and enlarged links-section... but, who knows when I'll... in few days, okay...

May 12, 2005

Gogol Bordello

If there's anybody whos idea of a good party includes a bottle of slivovitza in one hand and some very loud crazy balkan gipsy music in the other hand and a bunch of very drunk Croatian girls jumping around - THEN I strongly suggest this New Yorker "gipsy punk" band Gogol Bordello ... I saw them quite a few years ago on the Roskilde festival and, surprise, surprise it was an awesome concert...


They have some tracks available for FREE downloading HERE... mp3

And they have some tracks available for listening (and download if you know how) HERE and HERE. I especially recommend "Passport" and "A Bordello Kind Of Guy"

May 9, 2005

Kowloon Walled City

I think we need a to enlarge


This is a facade of Kowloon Walled city in Hong Kong, 35.000 people living on 100x200 m. Demolished ten years ago. Amazing place. LINK

May 8, 2005


Two years back or so, I bumped in to the term "Transhuman" for the first time, it happened at the site of Natasha Vita More (that name, lol) Here's a quote from her site that sums up what it's all about:

"Consider a body that features:

A Sensorial Mix
Assured Performance
Motion in Concert with Physique
Seamless Fusion of Body and Technology
Equilibrium of Logic and Passion

— It's the choice of a future generation."

Even though these transhumanists believe in things like aliens, people returning from the future (there ARE several known examples) and cryonic life extension, they are full of good ideas, and intriguing thoughts about possible futures. And they are not without humor "I have a deep nostalgia for the future." - FM-2030 (again, what a name)

The reason I thought of it now, is that I just came across a quite interesting article about a guy who got a magnetic piercing in his finger - giving him the ability to "sense" electromagnetic fields! LINK

May 7, 2005

Hahaaa - it worked

My secret plan is already working... I've had 11 visitors coming through the blogger bar since my last post, in these very moments I'm experiencing a veritable flood of visitors and you, my dear reader is one of them.


You might wonder why you got here when you clicked "next blog" - if you read the previous post you'll know. Hahaa - I'm a genious.... it's all about frequency....

udate: and it goes on and on, I belive we can now safely talk about a tsunami of visitors. They're coming from India, Spain, Singapore, U.S of A, Japan, England....

a secret plan

Ok everybody - I have a secret plan, so, shhhhh... ;)

Two times since I installed statcounter I've noticed a massive wave of visitors coming from the blogger-bar (the one at the top of the page with a button saying "next page")... and It seem to have happened when I've posted three times in one day... so, this was post number two... later I'll update again, and then we'll see, hehe... don't tell anyone.

Buy a robot NOW

Today we're just gonna have fun.... Nooo highbrowed pseudo intelligent artyfarty stuff. No, no. Just a few nice advertisements that involves ROBOTS!


Citroën boogie

Citroën boogie part II

and finally - this is not an ad. This is just a refurbished cooper mini, wooow, believe it or not hehe... LINK

May 6, 2005

A pair of Danes in suits

We got a very positive email from the EASA-organizers the other day regarding our workshop, so I'm more than optimistic. I will however not reveal anything about the project yet, though I know you're all just about to burst with exitement.

For now you'll simply have to do with a couple of projects that we've come to have some similarities with, in the sense that we're also gonna be two Danes wearing suits and bringing some luggage, containing alternative realities, with us.

Danish artists Nielsen and Rasmussen decides shortly after the american invasion, to bring democracy to Iraq.

"...Nielsen & Rasmussen decides to transform The Democracy to a smaller, portable aluminium flight container, thereby adapting the utopian, universal space of The Democracy to the conditions of the particular."


This is not just a mocking satire - it is carried by a sensere concern and it brings them in contact with people, discussions and events. All very relevant and interesting. LINK


The ID-sniper rifle designed by Jakob S. Boeskov, is cabable of shooting a microchip, tracable by sattelite, into fx people at a demonstrotion. As a representative of fictive weapons company Empire North, he went to the Cina Police 2002 weapons exhibition in beijing. Bringing along just a suit and some renderings - the only place the rifle actually existed. LINK


"Danes fo Bush", also by Jakob S. Boeskov and Mads Cortzen, is a bit more light hearted. They went on a tour through the U.S. during the elction campaign - pretending to represent the organisation "Danes fo Bush". Although basically just a satirical hoax, this really got peoples emotions running wild. LINK

What they all have in common, also with our workshop, on a more interesting level, is the method - by putting on suits and carrying certain props, they build up an alternative reality around them, through which they can explore and interfere with "the game" from within.

May 2, 2005

The Curious Suitcase Incident

the doctors

This weekend I have been busy, together with Mikkel, finishing our proposal for a workshop, which will, hopefully, take place at EASA - European Architecture Student Assembly - this summer in Bergün in Schwitzerland. It will be called:

The Curious Suitcase Incident
- realities in transition

The work will be based on the contents of three suitcases. This the participants must use to construct three narratives and from these, three spacial models. More about this later when/if it has been accepted by the organizers.

In the meantime you can enjoy this site, The Tulse Luper Suitcases, a project by Peter Greenaway, which Mikkel came across while researching. This is also about constructing realities from suitcase contents (he bloody stole our idea). Note that soundtrack and pictures on the frontpage is changes everytime you open it.