Feb 17, 2005

Tokyo Streets

uJapan is an eternal source of wonder and amazement to me. It seem to be a parallel dimension and sometimes talking to a Japanese person I've felt I might as well have been talking to someone from mars - and I'm quite sure they've thought the same about me. I've had the same experience in china.
It's quite wonderful to know that the world is not just one homogenous, grey, westernized blur. That there are cultures so different from my own that can keep me confused and amused and load me with inspiration. Here's a link to a super nice set of photos, taken by some girl called Cherry Vega - she must be an artist with that name. So click the link and enjoy the strange street styles of tokyo.

Feb 16, 2005

and on and on and on...

Here's a quite interesting link - a glimpse into a strange world that apparently just goes on and on and on...or, rather, you zoom in and in and in... Have a look, it's nice.