Nov 30, 2004

ooh, my knee...

Browsing through blogs yesterday, i came across a link to this fantastic site... so if you ever wondered how you operate a knee here's your chance to try for yourself (with proper guidance from a doctor). A mindblowing experience, that should entertain you for at least 10 min. Also check out the nice pictures of a real knee surgery.

Nov 29, 2004

It's about time

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Egoland - my favorite newspaper comic strip in the whole wide world... if Olfax (Ivar Gjørup) the writer hadn't been Danish and therefore writing in Danish, he would have been up there together with Doonesbury and Peanuts... But this one sho be understood by anyone. If they care to think about it for 2 min. It's about time - or rather the experience of time.

btw - The little guy shouting is in fact god, "...and on the seventh day he became unemployed."

Nov 27, 2004

All the true things...

"All the true things I'm about to tell you are shameless lies" - Bokonon

Words like "uncertainties", "self contradictions", "disinformation", "paradoxes" have been circling around in my head the last many months. I've always hated people who has found the truth and their self-righteous actions. And
I always liked film director Erik Clausen when he insisted on his right to contradict himself. This makes him extremely trustworthy in my mind. When you already know the ultimate truth, there's obviously not much more to talk about.

A movie which has revealed itself completely by the end of it, you would not care to watch a second time. A building that tell you all it's secrets when you look at the facade, you would not care to enter. A girl that shows up naked for the first date, you would have no reason to seduce.
It's about leaving space for people to think for them self. If you keep ends open, let things be uncertain and mysterious, you open up their imagination. And possibly your own.

If you feel like a bit of disinformatin, here's a couple of sites for you:

Danes for Bush - The name should say it all
ID sniper rifle - A very handy product
r50rd - an amazing robot project
the yes men - my favorite anti globalists

excuses, excuses...

So, back with a bad conscious for not having posted since thursday morning, ooooh, nooo... to excuse myself I'll say that thursday night I came home from school and accidentally started reading a John Le Carré spy thriller and didn't stop doing that before page 200 and something at 2 o'clock in the morning... And yesterday afternoon I, also by complete accident, came by the friday bar at school which led on to eating medister-sousage with stewed spinach and brown sauce (very Danish) and playing ping pong for some hours at a friends place.

And now i am all alone at my desk at school to start the animation movie that I should have done 2 weeks ago... In that spirit here's a link to a nice little site with lots of clips from old obscure stop motion movies. Enjoy.

Nov 25, 2004


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A few months ago I was on a short, but intense travel through Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia. On our second day of travel, we were leaving the town of Osijek in eastern Croatia. It is very easy to find your way to the river in Osijek. You just go to a house which has not been renovated yet and find the facade which is full of bullet holes. That facade will be pointing towards the river.
On our way out we made a fast stop in the old city that some of us had already visited the night before. As most of our group went down to the river, I went off on my own down the first little street I could find and around a corner. I found myself on an empty and neglected square, well, perhaps more just a space without buildings. Sorrounded by 18th century warehouses. The only thing there, was this collection of old toys, lying on the gravel in the middle of the square. What strange child to leave his toys behind like that. And what strange collection of toys. Felt so much like taking one of them, but didn't do it. Didn't touch them at all in fact. They seemed to be of another world. Like the child had let them behind to escape the war. But the war ended years ago.

This is it

Ok, going to bed now, and there ain't nothing stoppin me. But I'm just gonna turn your attention to the amazing, speedin' and bleedin', ladies and gentlemeeen... here is the punk rock chicks on wheels - it's a lifestyle... In fact they are so cool I'm considering becoming one myself, if, and only if, I can be allowed to listen to balkan-music instead of punkrock!!

Nov 24, 2004

A crossbreed

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You saw the hart. Here is another pic from that project. A strange little body. A cross between a dead quail and a block of wood. Forced and sewn together. Covered in latex to keep it safe and touchable. A very tactile object. Made with the intention of invoking mixed feelings in people. That part was not a complete succes though.

just a dream

Just woke up after a very vivid dream. I'm gonna tell you about a part of it: I was in a strange place, some kind of city. With some kind of man. I no longer remember the details very well, except for this thing of which I'm about to tell you now... The man showed me a small scale model, sort of 1:36 I guess. It was a model of a black limo on it's way out on a bridge. Now, speed is not an easy thing to portray in a model like that, but in hindsight I suppose it was driving rather fastly. And the bridge ended abruptly in mid air, with a thin iron fence.
"Do you notice something strange...?" the man asked me, and I looked more carefully at the model. Through the back window of the limo I could see a number of passengers. A group of musicians, including a guy with tuba. A balkan band. And in the middle, a man in a black suit and a tall hat. "that is the mayor of Moscow..." the man I was with told me, " ...about to commit suicide!".

That's a pretty trippy thing. To commit suicide by having your driver take your limo onto a broken bridge, while you are on the backseat, with a band that plays loud balkan music!!! The stuff dreams are made of...


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This is a pic I took a while ago as part of my project (studying architecture). I think it's one of the most beautifull pics I've ever made. It's the heart of a quail, so pretty small and delicate. I took it out and put it on the white paper and then, as you can see, rolled it a bit to see the other side of it. I love that bit of motion in the pic...

them changes

ho, ho... so, now I've already done my first little bit of construction - notice the new links section to your right and the little bit of love in the bottom :) so I feel more at home already. And there have even been a couple of people visiting... who should have thought that. So I think I'm gonna treat you/me by posting a pic before I go to bed.

a blog

So... appearantly I've gotten myself a blog... and I suppose it will be under construction for quite a while since I have basically no idea how this stuff works! But I'll find out along the way I hope...