Apr 29, 2005


ATTENTION ... The traditional spring competition is running at full steam, BUT you still have time to participate. There has been some confusion as to what the competition actually was. It's very simple - just give a short explanation of THIS diagram and post it in the comments HERE.

Since it's a traditional spring competition the deadline for answering is: when summer begins (here in Denmark, so you have some time yet).

Happy explaining.

Apr 28, 2005


I think it's about time I advertise this relly nice, eccentric and eclectic arty farty site - wurzeltod.ch, homepage of the adorable Suzanne... lots of good stuff to see, read and be passed on to there. And it's even got it's own forum of psychic blah - good source for interesting and funny stuff on the web and in the outer world... I strongly recommend it :)

Of special interst to all easians I should mention that the forums also include the section swiss myths.

Conclave Obscurum

Were you also dissapointed that the papal election were done with so fast - mere two days gathering of the conclave before the black smoke miraculously turned white... yes, I could have wished that bunch of elderly magicians be locked up in a room for longer. And who did they choose then? None other than the chief of the noble institution which untill 1910 had been known by the name of the inquisition!

So why did they choose such a reactionary as the panzer cardinal. Well, he was apparently a compromise. He satisfied the conservative hardliners of the church by being an immensely conservative hardliner himself. And the more liberal can live with him too because at 78 he can not be expected to hang around for too many years. What excellent qualifications.

To entertain you in the meantime here is a really well made russian flash site: Conclave Obscurum with lots of very nice little movies... hope you can find your way around there...

Apr 27, 2005


As my mother allways says when moments of unrecognized genious hits her: "we're sourrounded by idiots". And while that is true, there are different degrees of idiocy. From plain dumb (which will apply to any of us now and then ) to scaringly mindless and ignorant...

To the second group I will include all the young men and women with more hair than brains, namely neo nazis. But as we all know nothing comes out of nothing, except the fluffy stuff we find in our bellybuttons, and nazis too were once neglected children who peed in bed and had wellmeaning but brutal parents. As they grow up they find themselves in a confusing world, members of just one minority group amongst thousands, all with special needs and problems integrating with regular society - as this informative video tells us!


I posted some back in november . But now I've uploaded more and in high resolution. Of my crossbreed project...


So here you have a direct link to the slideshow on my flickr account.

Apr 26, 2005

Flowers and Puppets

Here comes your daily link from us.... a real nice music video. The talented young artist is Emelie Simon (never heard of her), the song is "Floweres" and the animations are very very nice - a weird and scary version of "Nightmare Before Christmas".


Apr 24, 2005


A new week is threatening and there's nothing we can do except huddle in our basements with our loved ones and our home made ABC-suits... in case your loved ones didn't make it to the basement in time you'll have to do with your internet connection - and that's where the CybOrgasMatrix enters your life. CybOrgasMatrix - the safe, durable and anatomically correct way to have sex...

"Created from an actual life-casting of celebrity model Pandora Peaks, a technically advanced formula of a durable, ultra-realistic flesh-like elastomeric gel. Her breasts are soft and pliable. Her long-lashed eyes will look back into yours. Today it is possible to fulfill your desire for an ideal fantasy woman with convenience, economy, and safety..."

Test Casting

So check out www.CybOrgasMatrix.com (do not open link at work) - lot's of pictures of Pandora Peaks and "the most sophisticated Sex Doll in history" in all their anatomically correct splendour.

COMPETITION NEWS: yes, the rumours are true... the first participant has entered his suggestion!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, for the first time on adamintheworld.blogspot.com - theeeeee FISH DI-A-GRRAAAAAAAaaamm, or in same words - fish diagram

Which will form the basis of the traditional spring competition with big, priceless and amazing prizes - if somebody please could explain me what it's all about. And please keep it short.

You can now explain in the comments section....thank you

Edit: Woooo ... it contains references to Fucoult! hadn't seen that, I thought it was something religious...oh well

Apr 23, 2005

The Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript

"New analysis of a famously cryptic medieval document suggests that it contains nothing but gibberish"


Through the forums at this wonderful site I came across an article about a mysterious medieval cipher manuscript. I've taken the liberty to rewrite the beginning to give you a general idea of the problems and interests at hand:

"In 1912 Wilfrid Voynich made the find of a lifetime: a manuscript some 230 pages long, written in an unusual script and richly illustrated with bizarre images of plants, heavenly spheres and bathing women. Voynich immediately recognized its importance.

During the 1600s, at least two scholars tried to decipher the manuscript, and then it disappeared for nearly 250 years until Voynich unearthed it.

But despite 90 years of effort by some of the world's best code breakers, no one has been able to decipher the script.

The failure of the code-breaking attempts has raised the suspicion that there may not be any message at all, and the manuscript may simply be an elaborate hoax."

I find this both entertaining and interesting. Particularly the conclusion: That the reason we have not cracked the code is because it does not exist - AHAa!! Brilliant. It might even be right.

Also this part is brilliant:

"Most people who have studied it agreed that the text was too complex to be a hoax. I found, however, that this assessment was based on opinion rather than firm evidence. There is no body of expertise on how to mimic a long medieval ciphertext, because there are hardly any examples of such texts, let alone hoaxes of this genre."

From this I will conclude that the reading of medieval ciphertexts is a highly difficult matter to move about in. And quite amusing. Hours of fun. So, dear reader, there's just one thing to it - go explore...


Apr 22, 2005

Fun with Letters and Sounds

Here's a little link to a real, vaskeægte, online sound installation, tadaaa, where you by playing with various letters can make music!!
And in contrast to other projects like this which I've tried - it actually sounds quite nice. And the flash animation looks quite nice to. So go get it...


Apr 21, 2005



The moment when the milking suddenly filled them both with a certain erotic pleasure.

The Amazing Suitcase Camera

Here is an old project of mine that caused me many sorrows and never really came to a satisfying conclusion. But least I got some very nice pictures out of it... and the basic idea still holds a lot of potential...hmmm...


It was an idea of having a flexible/movable pictureplane. So while the viewpoint, the lense of the camera is fixed, you can still see the motif from different angles so to speak. And instead of having just the motif moving about, the movement and change over time is created by the pictureplane moving inside the camera. And caught in one still picture.


This is me with the camera working on site in New York. Those pictures didn't come out very well though. The picture you see here is from a studiosession working with a 1:50 model of the site, some very powerfull photolamps and a 1600 iso film.

For more pictures click HERE

Apr 20, 2005

Osijek revisited

Some might remember this post from november about the heap of abandoned toys I came across in Osijek in Croatia. Well, just uploaded some more pictures of that to my (brand new) flickr (pro) account, see the slideshow here.


(btw flickr just lowered the price for a pro account more : 2 Gb upload per month for 24$ a year - that's pretty cheap imo)


To celebrate the recent lack of succes for the Italian government - may it go far, far away and never come back - we bring you THIS, a song :)

And if you liked it here's two more with some friends of his: Gorgie & Tony and Jean-Marie. They're actually even better...

Brought to you by atmo.se/read my lipss

UPDATE: Wow, now he really resigned. Which means that he managed to tell the rest of the governmetn he would resign, then change his mind and then resigning anyway - in just a few days! That man sure's something special.

Look at me!


Here's an interesting and entertaining site Look at me - collection of photos people have found. From pretty much all over the world. A lot of them very old. It's somehow quite nice when you don't know anything about the background of these pictures - it leaves a lot for your own imagination so you tend to see them with different eyes.

Apr 19, 2005

Live Still Life

In 2003 EASA was held near Kalø in the Danish countryside and Kasper, Mikkel and I had been Hijacked to tutor the Magic Village-workshop. We wanted to have "time" as an underlying theme in our task of making the campsite more "magical" and to introduce this to our participants we made this little installation in advance. An almost classical "still life", "nature morte" - a wonderfully selfcontradictory subject.

lille stilleben 2

The decay is far from "still", though time takes it's toll differently on different matters. It was there for the 14 days EASA lasted, a nice little study in life and death, the passing of time and the longevity of some modern agricultural products and the opposite.

lille stilleben

There's two weeks between these pictures. We'd wanted to keep and dry the tablecloth - as an auto-drawing, a recording of the EASA-time which had elapsed. Unfortunately it turned out to be so extremely discusting, especially as a result of the maggots which had eaten the chicken from within, that our hangovers the last day couldn't cope with it.

Also unfortunately - we weren't prepared for how difficult it was for our participants to understand the greatness of our idea. What a shame, but now we know that you can't leave anything to chance (allmost). But we liked it.

More photos can be found here.

Apr 18, 2005

99 Rooms

Here's just a fast post for the evening... 99 Rooms is a beautifull world of empty industrial spaces inhabited by strange animated grafitti and scary soundeffects. You need to click on things to move on. Unfortunately it's impossible to get lost - there seem to be always just one way to proceed... but nice anyway... and German I think.

Air Traffic

Very, very happy monday. Hope you've relaxed and enjoyed the weekend 'cause now it's over. And talking about the hustling and the bustling we've all got waiting this week - here's a fascinating link that should help you get stressed:


I'll be right back

Apr 15, 2005

And the winner is...

And now, here, Ladies and gentlemen, better late than never, finally - the results of the interesting christmas competition. Who could make the best translation of the Danish sentence "Glædelig jul Mikkel. Kom snart hjem, ik'. Tak for din juleanimationshilsen. Den er fantastisk". And here follows the correct translation:"Merry christmas Mikkel. Come home soon, right. Thanks for your christmas animation greeting. It's fantastic".

As all regular visitors to this blog will know there were 2 (two) people who participated, namely Alex "the German speaking Philipino Belgian" Bauer, and Libo "the Italian stallion" Cannici.....
The grand and impartial jury has taking it's time to consider and vote and has now come to a decision... And the winner iiiis - this calls for a fanfare: Tadadaaadadaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Here a picture of the Millington family - just to build up exitement.

ALEX BAUER - congratulations. the jury said "what an imagination"

AND as a close second, with a slightly more correct translation, BUT, he does live in the country, so...

LIBO CANNICI - congratulations to you too (and please stop double posting ;)

Both 1. and 2. will receive a unique egg, made by myself, and similar to the ones shown here. However, to be 100% fair, the material composition of the first prize egg will be more complex than the 2. prize.

Cheers to you both :D If you want to thank your parents or something you can do so in the comments. Readers may now congratulate winners also in the comments section.

Thank you for your participation. All winners will be contacted in the near future regarding delivery of your prizes.

Hurraaa for the winners

Apr 14, 2005


Francois Boucq - master of absurd surrealism in the art comics. Here you see his unlikely hero, lifeinsurance salesman Jerome Moucherot once again finding his way through the, potentially lethal, jungle that is modern society.


I've mentioned him before on this page, but the reason for bringing him up again is a couple of pictures of his, which I've come across... Some of them takes full use of one of the limitations of the internet - namely your screensize! Here they are:




and last but not least


Tactile Eggs

wuhuuuu - an update, it happened :D

Once again back in business... this time with stuff from my project at school. I have cast around 25 of these as, mainly, thin shells, in different materials and compositions. My main interest with them, is their relation to the body. As you take one in your hand (they fit a hand well), you might be surprised by their light weight and become aware of their fragility (some are solid and robust though). As they all have the same form, variations in meaning are dependend on the materials they are composed of - soap, chocolate, lead, wool, wax... - and the tactile experiences and associations these might give you.


Another Idea with them is that they should also be self-contradictory somehow. Fx the combination of lead, chocolate and wool does not make sense at all. And on one side they seem to be very organic, on the other side they are obviouslyman made. This should hopefully open them up for interpretation and imagination.

At the moment, for far to long time actually, I'm trying to go on from this. In other words - how to take these experiments about tactility and other sensous experience, material composition and casting and turn it into architectural space... any suggestions?

I'll be right back...