Jan 5, 2005


Yes, here I am... after completely neglecting my blog, and internet in general, all christmas I am now back on the track. So very, very happy new year to everyone who might wander by here, and let all your dreams come true...

I had a very super nice holiday and feel fresh and rejuvenated, the new and improved Adam, stronger than before, with more ram in my laptop and a brand new and fast internet connection at home. I even got up at 8 this morning!

Follow the site closely for updates will be coming up soon, including the fifth and final part of the exiting story "Ørestaden" ("Ear City") and the announcement of the winner of my christmas competetion (oooh, who will that be...).

C ya'll soon




Liborio said...

Nice! Where did you buy new ram for your mac, I need 1Gig as soon as possible I couldn't find any in Milan during xmas.

Anonymous said...

kære adam
godt nytår!
jeg skulle hilse fra otto. han er flot og lang og kan skrige en hel barnedåb op...
vi kommer snart og ser til jer hos nat!
big kisses
ps og så tager jeg naturligvis min powerbookG4 med!!! hold da op hvor er den fantastisk.