Apr 24, 2006

Long Pork


I apologize for not posting lately, but my deadline, may 24, is closing in on me.

Update: for more on long pork look here

Apr 16, 2006


Here's Petter doing a backflip on telemark skis...

backflipp 1.jpg

He told me he had done it some months back when he was in France. So when he was leaving for Sweden last week I asked for some documentation... which he has now send me. How cool is he... I wonder why the landing has been cut out?!?

Apr 14, 2006

Bo Thomsen

Jelk, an old Dutch easa giant (at least physically), wrote me a while back asking for help finding a new name for an architectural strudio, previously known as SuperNova. Well, the basic thing at stake here, and why I come into the picture, is that it should be a Nordic name (and I quote):

"Geert-Jan is jealous on the names of 'Ove Arup' and "Alvar Aalto". The new name should (even though it will be a new brand) kind of suggest a reference to the mythical virtual founder of the company."

Now, it is not an easy task to come up with a good scandiwanian name. Others have tried it with considerably limited succes like Häagen-Dazs. It doesn't sound "Nordic" at all. Not at all.

Well Geert-Jan has decided now. Bo Thomsen - a name so authentically Danish that I would never have thought of it myself. First of all Bo is a good short name, that should be pronounced with sufficient pressure and swallowed halfway through the O. Bo. Finally a -sen name. 85% of Danes have names ending on -sen. 0,0% ending on -dasz. Thank you.

Three cheers and hiphips and a short and a long one for Bo ThomsenAnd very congratulations.

For the interested reader here's a link to nordicnames.de and some recent statistics.

Apr 13, 2006

Parametric Rig

Originally uploaded by bryanboyer.
A little entry to strenthen the more strictly architecural side of this blog. Using CINEMA 4D Bryan Boyer has made this "parametric rig to control the skeleton of my housing project this semester. ... Once I develop this a bit more it's going to be time to merge it with the earlier experiments in applying cellular geometry to a surface-- skeleton meets skin."

Here's a plan and a sketch model made of pieces of lasercut walnut wood.

Apr 12, 2006


I got a message in my flickr-inbox today, from something called Schmap - that they've shortlistet two photos of mine for their soon to come Copenhagen guide. It's grafitti on the fence around Christiania:


Schmap seem to be a very interesting project:

"Every Schmap Guide comes with dynamic maps, useful links, playable tours, top picks, plus photos and reviews for 100s of sights and attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, theaters, galleries, museums..."

The Copenhagen guide (and lots of others) comes out sometimes in april. I'm pretty curious to see how they're portraying my city.

Apr 11, 2006

The Miracle of Birth II


Finally, FINALLY, here it is, the view we've all been anticipating in breathless anxiety, Britney from behind, with Sean Prestons lil' head squeeeezing it's way out...

Originally uploaded by slackferno.

Originally uploaded by stonecalle.

I've been thinking about it and I kind of like this to be honest. The whole piece is just too much:
- The anti-abortion message (honest or not)
- The über-celebrity Britney Spears... naked.
- On a bear skin... where did that come from?
- Giving birth (and in that process showing it all)
- In a position that makes you think of the beginning of a pregnancy, rather than the end of it.

It's so too much that it ends up being quite complex and intriguing. Yes, I kind of like it.

Apr 10, 2006

Canned Eyes

Canned Eyes
Originally uploaded by Protection Island.
Today just a fast image... and while you're at it, do yourself a favour to check out the rest of his photo stream as well.

Cooming up soon: Britney from behind, Mcsweeney, more mr. Barney and the return of the Travel Companion - so stay tuned. And happy monday.

Apr 9, 2006


Sunday, sunday, they just keep coming. And as we know, here on Adam in the World every sunday is christmas. So rather than picking your nose or doing last weeks dishes, how about a little mathematical game or two...

Nim - an ancient game. The rules are very simple - remove as many stones/pearls/whatever from each row/heap. The player to remove the last has lost. In this flash version, Pearls Before Swine, you'll have to play the cynical gambler Juan. For a bit of game theory look here.

- is a simpler, easier, 2 dimensional version of Nim, invented by Piet Hein, a Danish scientist/thinker who are also responsible for games like Tangloids, Hex and the Soma Cube.

They're pure gymnastics for your brain and they are FREE. In other words you can't afford not to play.

Apr 7, 2006


Originally uploaded by adampadam.
Here's what I've been doing most of the day - internal organs for my travel companion. They are part of a circuit for warm water - control of the temparature of the travel companions wax skin means control of it's viscosity. And thus how it receives imprints.

The organs are first shaped in polyurethane, tubes are attached and the whole thing covered in butter. Yes, butter. Then covered in several layers of liquid latex. When the latex is dry the tubes are pulled out and acetone is injected through the openings, this disolves the polyurethane and, wupti, I have 5 nice red latex bladders.

Apr 6, 2006

I feel the need...

No links or interesting comments in this post, for today I must make architecture with a speed yet to be seen!


Apr 5, 2006

Di Genova

Originally uploaded by wacky doodler.
Came across these nice drawings by Nicolas Di Genova on flickr a while back. So on this grey and rainy wednesday I would recommend you to spend 15 minutes looking at his gorgeously detailed drawings - Either on his own website mediumphobic or in this photo set on flickr.

As an extra bonus here's a picture of the moons shadow on northerne Africa during the eclipse last week - via RobotWisdom.

Happy wednesday.

Apr 4, 2006

Sushi of Love

I went an saw "Drawing Restraint 9" yesterday, the latest movie by Mathew Barney, also starring his wife Björk and the entire crew of a Japanese whaling factory ship... Didn't see any of his "Cremaster" movies, but this was mind blowing... right from the beginning: You see some kind of stone up close, while the camera slowly zooms out, you see that it is an eye of a statue or something. As it zooms out further, you realise it can't be an eye - it's just something lying on a table... but just when you realise it can't be an eye, it sheds a tear...

Here Matthew and Björk are cutting each other into sushi of love and so transforming themselves into whales?!? Or something... :

drawing restraint 9

Apr 3, 2006


progression 2
Originally uploaded by Presley*.
This picture is from a quite wonderful photoset - a sequence - by Presley*. Showing the decay of tennisballs over time... who would have thought they could look so nice...

They remind me of this picture, of what is possibly the worlds oldest map, a cylcon (conical-cylindrical stone) from Australia, 20-30.000 bc, and perhaps depicting the river Darling and tributaries:


Could Presley's decayed tennisballs be read in a similar way. As maps of the time and place passed, of the space which has marked them over time...


Apr 2, 2006

Happy Fluxus Sunday

In case you should choose to spend a grey and rainy spring sunday at home watching movies... enjoying your snack of choice... In that case allow me to direct you to UbuWeb, their film section in general and their spanking new collection of 37 Short Fluxus Films(1962-1970) in particular.

"... 37 short films ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes in length. These films (some of which were meant to be screened as continuous loops) were shown as part of the events and happenings of the New York avant-garde. Made by the artists listed above, they celebrate the ephemeral humor of the Fluxus movement.Films by Nam June Paik, Dick Higgins, George Maciunas, Chieko Shiomi, John Cavanaugh, James Riddle, Yoko Ono, George Brecht, Robert Watts, Pieter Vanderbiek, Joe Jones, Eric Anderson, Jeff Perkins, Wolf Vostell, Albert Fine, George Landow, Paul Sharits, John Cale, Peter Kennedy, Mike Parr, Ben Vautier."

It's free and it's legal. So start downloading right now. Sundays of entertainment.

On AdamintheWorld.blgspt.com every sunday is christmas.

Mar 31, 2006


Today I saw the movie 9/11 revisited. It supports the claims that the official explanation of the collapse of the towers are completely inadequate. And it hints at implications of the more (only?!) plausible explanation. Watch it. It's seems interesting and relevant... but also to good/bad to be true. Certainly not boring.


I, on the other hand have my own theory... dug out of an old Donald Duck magazine... how couold they have known, years before. Disney? Well, he's conveniently dead... to good/bad to be true you say....hmmmm...



An anonymous (...hmmm .... yes - I am suspicious too... ) comment to this post has revealed this picture:


Coincidence? I don't think so! This smells of... something....



Danish online poetry magazine Afsnit P have today opened the online exhibition Svevedikt (floatpoem) by Norwegian poet Ottar Ormstadt. Obviously most fun if you can read scandiwanian of some kind... but still... it's very visual poetry...


Mar 30, 2006

Tactile Balls

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking ... and I'm thinking it too. But to begin with all I'm talking about is this project:

Distance tactile ball
- 2 tracking balls connected via radio tranceivers, push one and the other one repeats the movement in realtime. Enabling people to do longdistance physical communication.
I'm sure this is technically difficult to achieve for one lonesome design student. But it's not really interesting either, too banal imho, not getting to the core of things.

Here's another attempt - connected by mobile phones, through these devices a grandmother in Chicago can hug her grandchild in Alaska.

Slightly more advanced... but still... (not to mention the fact that this concept should make sense to both a 75 and a 2 year old). And it's even thought up by people at MIT.

Then where is the real things happening? I'll tell you: In the field known by the technical term "Dildonics". From a reliable source I've been told that the only people doing serious non-commercial research in this are, surprise, the Germans. But I'm sure that is nothing compared to what the porn industry is pushing into it.... unfortunately, with their limited imagination, they don't seem to have gotten much further than this:

But don't despair - Dildonics has got it's future in front of it. Domain name phishing is happening and the opensource community is on to it as well. Just wait. The future is coming. I'm sure. And I'll be there, waiting, to use their filthy technology for something that really matters (yes, the rumors are true - there are other things in life than sex).

Kowloon Walled City II


I've written about this place before before and it deserves an update.

On the forum of the SkyscraperPage, there is a thread which I belive must be the biggest collection of info and pictures of Kowloon Walled city on the net.


Mar 29, 2006



From the Shelter Series by Anthony Goicolea.

"The composed wooded scenes depicted in many of the photos are bisected into two halves and are often times seen as a cross-section of themselves." ... hmmm, interesting...

via (I think, but it's old): pruned

Mar 28, 2006

Miracle of Birth

The Birth of Sean Preston

Full title of this sculpture: Monument to Pro-Life: The birth of Sean Preston... so, to get all this straight - This is a sculpture of Britney spears giving birth on a bear rug... and it's not a joke, but a serious pro-life, anti abortion, statement... wow... by artist Daniel Edwards.

Read all about it! ...(and more pictures too)

Via Beautiful Destruction

...ok, I'll go and do something sensible now...hmmm....

UPDATE: After having been brought to the worlds attention here on Adam in the World, the more mainstream media have now picked up the story... fx BBC and CNN .... BUT does this mean that what we've all been waiting for might soon appear - the picture from BEHIND!??

Flowers II

What a body! Whish I could make mechanics as complex and beautiful as this. Pic taken by Thioof - I've shown a bit of his stuff before.

Mar 27, 2006

La Famiglia Anandamide

A family album of a most unusual family. Fx. Anandamide's great great grandfather was one of the police officers responsible for the arrest of Pinnochio.

And don't miss his drawings either.

Mar 26, 2006

Sound Doctor


Swarm - a sound installation by Dr. Nigel Helyer. He seem to be making a whole lot of very delicious projects.

Oh, and I've put up a new link too - to fabulist, another one of them blogs that gathers all the best finds of the net... just like mine ... I've found a few interesting things there.

Aaand I'm doing my final project at the moment. An extra bit of excitement in an otherwise dull and grey period. Got some stuff from that on flickr