Dec 8, 2004

oh, dr bob

"Dr. Bob" "I feel a pain" "a pain" "where" "in... my chest" "and, and lower back" "well, you probably better come up and see me right away then" "oh, Dr. Bob".

She'd been waiting for this day for days. Picturing herself in the strong tanned arms of dr. Bob. Imagining his smile reflecting in her eyes. Impatiently awaiting him grabbing her by the neck and pulling her head back. And up, violently pressing her lips against his. Her piercing against his shiny white teeth. She loved him. Of all her hart and all her soul, and every inch of her body. He smiled at her and it reflected in her eyes. A deep, satisfied sigh escaped her, as she whispered his name to herself. While she rang the doorbell her thoughts kept circling around him.

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