Jun 17, 2007

Who is Guy Débord

Dear Hajra just commented on the previous post and left a wonderful present:

Situatinists in Wonderland - a very nice and suitable analogy on their ideas. You don't wanna miss Part One either... actually you probably ought to start with it...

And to continue with some more Alice in Wonderland here's another movie I came across yesterday on the seemingly very, very nice blog Bioephemera. This one's by an absolute favorite of mine - Jan Svankmajer:

Happy Sunday... and if you feel the need to know more about the situationsts after this just follow the links in the previous post.

Puuh... hope this won't get much to slow to load with all them movies...

1 comment:

David Kreutzer said...

hej adam,
det undrer mig at vores kommentarer er skjulte. Er det noget vi kan indstille? det er fx meget fedt at man kan læse andres kommentarer og følge med i en debat om et eller andet emne, og det har jeg da også set på nogle blogs. hvad er din mening?
god søndag til dig og nyd tordenvejret :-)