Jun 21, 2007


This movie shows a demonstration of the most incredible piece(s) of software I ever saw.

But please notice in the beginning the sentence: "...technology we brought to Microsoft as part of an acquisition" - in other words M$ didn't figure this out themselves. They bought a little innovative company who had already done it. An important point for a mac-addict like me, hehe.

None the less - this looks so incredibly exciting.

Once more via my new favorite blog Bioephemera - spend some time there. It's worth it.

And there's a new, and much needed, label: "Technology"... to compensate "web" will die. This should open up for some more posts about things such as robots and interactive architecture.


Anonymous said...

woow!!! in two years time we will not need to travel!

i don't know if thats good or bad, but it sure is cool.

- petter

adam said...

Yup, pretty damn cool... I might be a conservative and romantic fart - but I seriously doubt anything will ever make actual real presence obsolete. Though I understand that I'm theoretically on shaky ground here.

dubravka said...

check this out::

this blog is becoming more and more interesting...

frederik said...

I'm with Petter, but twisting it a bit by saying WAUW!!! Dubravkas link looks really cool as well, but you havn't seen anything before you have seen this video, another piece of amazing Microsoft technology. Via kottke.

Hajra said...

Heh heh, well, the conspiracy (theory?) goes that most of the technology adopted and developed by microsoft was developed on US state budget during the cold war -> potential realised -> realised that it's in safe&mature state to be handed over to a private(corporate, capitalist, I'm unsure of terminology) developer.
My gossip source: Adam Curtis bbc documentaries.

#2 I have another youtube offering, a bit lenghty (7 sequels), but not so boring when it's in the background of boring CAD drafts, and all about that little old fashioned discontent with the virtual; a litany by Slavoj Žižek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a4xUKKHOyQ

adam said...

ooh, microsoft - you bastards... it's a wonder how the biggest and richest software company in the world can make such ridiculous products. A fact that lends quite some wheigt to speculations such as the ones Hajra mentions.

The Zizek interview is supernice... I'm working my way slowly through it.