Jun 23, 2007

Macrosoft part 2

... to follow up on the comments to the previous post:

Fred mentions above video - a parody of an ad for Microsoft Surface. It points directly to what is probably Microsofts main problem - they buy some very cool existing technology without having any idea what to use it for whatsoever.
So they make a very expensive completely niche product that can do anything in the world, but nothing in particular. Meaning it's still all just potential. As it was when they bought it.
At the same time Apple takes quite a bit of the same technology, makes it pocketsized and affordable. Because they had a clear picture of the iPhone. They start with functionality. A specific idea.

Along this line it's very instructional to compare Microsoft Surface to Reactable - super cool project Dubi has brought to light. Here's what the main man behind it, dr. Sergi Jorda, says:
"... unlike many projects which involves a lot of technology, it started from a concept and not from a technology. So first we knew what we wanted to build and then we discovered how to build it"

This video shows the basic principles of Reactable. It's a little noisy, but so nice. Notice that the hardware is exactly the same as for Surface, except Reactable is round... in other words - anyone can make a touchscreen table-computer... the interesting question is why you do it.

I'll end it here for now cause it's late. Hope to pick up on the vitual reality tomorrow. Tangible, tactile, virtual reality perhaps. Just got a marathon monologue with a mad genious to go through before...


Hajra said...

awesome both!
-> mad monologue of questionable genius: it's quite too long for what he has to say, so you're welcome to dismiss him after a minute or in advance.

He, basically, talks about the presence of "virtuality" in reality, before the invention of digital media and internet, and of very real influence it has over reality anyway. In that sense, Pallasmaa is many steps ahead of him - but it's a debate one should be able to conduct within many contexts, I guess. Enough of internet for me now too!

David Kreutzer said...

Hej Adam
da jeg ved du er en mac-mand, så check lige det nye leopard ud:

- ellers må du bare have en helt fantastisk skt. hans!

adam said...

Now I saw the first three parts of zizeks speech. I think it's pretty full of interesting points & observations.

It might be he's talking about the situation before digital media, but anyway it explains a lot why digital virtual reality works - because the virtual is always and has always been very present.

@ jeg skal sgu have mig en ny mac til efteråret tror jeg...

Liborio said...

That video made my cry. Way too fanny!!



Axel said...


Challenging stuff! I haven't seen the entire first monologue just now, but could it be that mr. Zizek has been plucking the grapes that Martin Heidegger has been sowing some seventy years earlier.. ?

check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4d-J_t_dEo&NR=1

after 2min40sec the interview starts with some very interesting remarks by heidegger. another parallel might be found after 7m52s.

Soon, I will return, my cousin :)

Gebak, gezelligheid en groetjes uit Golland..

Ps. Perhaps some insight in German or French and definitely ample of den gode Gammeldansk will enhance viewing pleasure on this one..