Jun 11, 2007

Rotating Matta-Clark

When stress at work coincides with very nice weather blogging becomes rather hard. That's years of personal experience talking right there. Luckily our correspondent in Belgrade spend as much time roaming the net as usual - she send me a link to this film today:

In liverpool sculptor Richard Wilson has created a piece reminiscent of an updated but not quite as interesting Gordon Matta-Clark-work. Amazing what you can do with simple technology and a few (450.000) pounds and some giant shoulders to stand on... tssss! At least mr. Wilson could have come up with a less obvious title than Turning the place over. The very archilicious Bldgblog has some stills of it here.

I hate obvious titles. They don't add a thing to whatever they describe, except perhaps a cheap giggle. If you insist giving your artpieces obvious titles you should really be consequent and go for the good old style a la nude women bathing with cows and geese in the background (bad example - now I'll have geese fetichists all over my blog). My friend Odey got me into those the other day... and he's a real artist. Certified and royal. The final bonus of this post is a painting by him. If you're in Copenhagen do yourself a favour and go and watch it full size - 200 x 170 cm - at EXIT07.

One of the reasons I like his work is that instead of stating the obvious he makes realities clash. Mmmmmmm.... Odey Curbelo - the man :)


David Kreutzer said...

Hi Adam, I really like your blog! I just made my own blog http:\\kreutzerandthecity.blogspot.com and being a newbie, I find your blog very inspiring. My blog is also about architecture, but it's very different. When I read your posts, I got the feeling you are very passionate about uploading interessting material and I think thats is the way to do it! I will try to ad a link to your blog. See u around in Copenhagen :-)
David Kreutzer

adam said...

Hello Mr Kreutzer

Passionate, perhaps, but not so focused... at least not on what was supposed to be the main main theme of the blog - urbanism... it seems to be bodies again and again... wonder why...

I'm beginning to realize that long well prepared and thought through posts is perhaps not my style. At least at the moment. There are a number of things I've planned to write about that I don't get around to - takes to much time.
Instead I seem to pick up more or less random interestingness from the web and beyond, post a pic and some links and let my thought flow around for a short while...

See you on your blog :)

David Kreutzer said...

Hej Adam,
tak for dine kommentarer i dag på min blog - alletiders! Nu du skrev at du måske manglede noget urbanisme tænkte jeg at denne blog måske var interessant for dig at tjekke ud:http://blog.arkitema.dk/per/
Den er måske lidt tør, men der bliver heftigt diskuteret har jeg indtryk af. Jeg har også sendt dig et link til denne her master-blogger som giver gratis råd: http://www.blogmastermind.com/
Kh David