Apr 15, 2005

And the winner is...

And now, here, Ladies and gentlemen, better late than never, finally - the results of the interesting christmas competition. Who could make the best translation of the Danish sentence "Glædelig jul Mikkel. Kom snart hjem, ik'. Tak for din juleanimationshilsen. Den er fantastisk". And here follows the correct translation:"Merry christmas Mikkel. Come home soon, right. Thanks for your christmas animation greeting. It's fantastic".

As all regular visitors to this blog will know there were 2 (two) people who participated, namely Alex "the German speaking Philipino Belgian" Bauer, and Libo "the Italian stallion" Cannici.....
The grand and impartial jury has taking it's time to consider and vote and has now come to a decision... And the winner iiiis - this calls for a fanfare: Tadadaaadadaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Here a picture of the Millington family - just to build up exitement.

ALEX BAUER - congratulations. the jury said "what an imagination"

AND as a close second, with a slightly more correct translation, BUT, he does live in the country, so...

LIBO CANNICI - congratulations to you too (and please stop double posting ;)

Both 1. and 2. will receive a unique egg, made by myself, and similar to the ones shown here. However, to be 100% fair, the material composition of the first prize egg will be more complex than the 2. prize.

Cheers to you both :D If you want to thank your parents or something you can do so in the comments. Readers may now congratulate winners also in the comments section.

Thank you for your participation. All winners will be contacted in the near future regarding delivery of your prizes.

Hurraaa for the winners


krukkie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Alex, Libo, what a sensation!!! I am so proud on you my friends... wowowowowowow

I admire your submissions to this contest, I deeply respect both of you and your qualities. Also the jury, your critical though sharp and fair judgement, is demanding my respect too.

What a show,, what a show!!! I am looking forward to the next contest with more than supranormal interest...

Greetings, Jelk

xLaB said...

yiiiiihaaa :)

I feel deeply honoured to be part of the winners of this amazing contest!!

I want to thank the jury for the patience shown.

Libo - tak for the challenge - u made me doubt til' the end.

Jelk - dank je for ur congratz - that means sooo much to me!

As Jelk I am looking forward for new challenges and contest :D



xLaB said...
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