Apr 14, 2005

Tactile Eggs

wuhuuuu - an update, it happened :D

Once again back in business... this time with stuff from my project at school. I have cast around 25 of these as, mainly, thin shells, in different materials and compositions. My main interest with them, is their relation to the body. As you take one in your hand (they fit a hand well), you might be surprised by their light weight and become aware of their fragility (some are solid and robust though). As they all have the same form, variations in meaning are dependend on the materials they are composed of - soap, chocolate, lead, wool, wax... - and the tactile experiences and associations these might give you.


Another Idea with them is that they should also be self-contradictory somehow. Fx the combination of lead, chocolate and wool does not make sense at all. And on one side they seem to be very organic, on the other side they are obviouslyman made. This should hopefully open them up for interpretation and imagination.

At the moment, for far to long time actually, I'm trying to go on from this. In other words - how to take these experiments about tactility and other sensous experience, material composition and casting and turn it into architectural space... any suggestions?

I'll be right back...

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tara said...

hi :) At college we have a sofa outside the main building, mmm looks so nice and soft that you could curl right up on a sunny day and drift away. beautiful. only it is made of stone. you really don't know until you have thrown yourself into it and broken your coxyc!