Apr 24, 2005


A new week is threatening and there's nothing we can do except huddle in our basements with our loved ones and our home made ABC-suits... in case your loved ones didn't make it to the basement in time you'll have to do with your internet connection - and that's where the CybOrgasMatrix enters your life. CybOrgasMatrix - the safe, durable and anatomically correct way to have sex...

"Created from an actual life-casting of celebrity model Pandora Peaks, a technically advanced formula of a durable, ultra-realistic flesh-like elastomeric gel. Her breasts are soft and pliable. Her long-lashed eyes will look back into yours. Today it is possible to fulfill your desire for an ideal fantasy woman with convenience, economy, and safety..."

Test Casting

So check out www.CybOrgasMatrix.com (do not open link at work) - lot's of pictures of Pandora Peaks and "the most sophisticated Sex Doll in history" in all their anatomically correct splendour.

COMPETITION NEWS: yes, the rumours are true... the first participant has entered his suggestion!!!


krukkie said...

will you give us insight in the first testdrive?

krukkie said...

btw: ur new fishy logo is very nice

adam said...

Thx for the compliment - I'm very proud of it too :)
I'm afraid the only insight I'm able to give you is the fact that if you want the doll with pubic hair you'll only receive it 3 weeks after the doll itself, due to the complexity of manufacturing pubic wigs!

Personally I was very surprised by this.

cykeltyv! said...

she must be every tattooists dream model....and so imagine what can be found in-between at the end of the day.