Apr 24, 2005


Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, for the first time on adamintheworld.blogspot.com - theeeeee FISH DI-A-GRRAAAAAAAaaamm, or in same words - fish diagram

Which will form the basis of the traditional spring competition with big, priceless and amazing prizes - if somebody please could explain me what it's all about. And please keep it short.

You can now explain in the comments section....thank you

Edit: Woooo ... it contains references to Fucoult! hadn't seen that, I thought it was something religious...oh well


Adam W. said...

isn't it obvious, the fish diagram a spy formula for solving the transition from fossil fuels to hybrid energy! so solve the riddle you must have the water diagram that is owned by the japanese!

Anonymous said...

this fish needs a golden net...