Apr 21, 2005

The Amazing Suitcase Camera

Here is an old project of mine that caused me many sorrows and never really came to a satisfying conclusion. But least I got some very nice pictures out of it... and the basic idea still holds a lot of potential...hmmm...


It was an idea of having a flexible/movable pictureplane. So while the viewpoint, the lense of the camera is fixed, you can still see the motif from different angles so to speak. And instead of having just the motif moving about, the movement and change over time is created by the pictureplane moving inside the camera. And caught in one still picture.


This is me with the camera working on site in New York. Those pictures didn't come out very well though. The picture you see here is from a studiosession working with a 1:50 model of the site, some very powerfull photolamps and a 1600 iso film.

For more pictures click HERE

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Adrian said...

This is a fascinating camera design, and the images are very intriguing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention over at the Digital Pinhole Camera Group over on Flickr. Keep up the good work...