Mar 31, 2006


Today I saw the movie 9/11 revisited. It supports the claims that the official explanation of the collapse of the towers are completely inadequate. And it hints at implications of the more (only?!) plausible explanation. Watch it. It's seems interesting and relevant... but also to good/bad to be true. Certainly not boring.


I, on the other hand have my own theory... dug out of an old Donald Duck magazine... how couold they have known, years before. Disney? Well, he's conveniently dead... to good/bad to be true you say....hmmmm...



An anonymous (...hmmm .... yes - I am suspicious too... ) comment to this post has revealed this picture:


Coincidence? I don't think so! This smells of... something....


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Anonymous said...

Look at this spanish comic (one of the most famous).

This comic was made on 1993.