Apr 14, 2006

Bo Thomsen

Jelk, an old Dutch easa giant (at least physically), wrote me a while back asking for help finding a new name for an architectural strudio, previously known as SuperNova. Well, the basic thing at stake here, and why I come into the picture, is that it should be a Nordic name (and I quote):

"Geert-Jan is jealous on the names of 'Ove Arup' and "Alvar Aalto". The new name should (even though it will be a new brand) kind of suggest a reference to the mythical virtual founder of the company."

Now, it is not an easy task to come up with a good scandiwanian name. Others have tried it with considerably limited succes like Häagen-Dazs. It doesn't sound "Nordic" at all. Not at all.

Well Geert-Jan has decided now. Bo Thomsen - a name so authentically Danish that I would never have thought of it myself. First of all Bo is a good short name, that should be pronounced with sufficient pressure and swallowed halfway through the O. Bo. Finally a -sen name. 85% of Danes have names ending on -sen. 0,0% ending on -dasz. Thank you.

Three cheers and hiphips and a short and a long one for Bo ThomsenAnd very congratulations.

For the interested reader here's a link to nordicnames.de and some recent statistics.


krukkie said...
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krukkie said...

Adam, we are still practising, but we are almost there with the halfway through swallowed O.

Anyway: Bo Thomsen will be the visualization company, SuperNova Studios will continue as architecture firm. So all those who have The T-Shirt, yes you are still cool!!!

Grtz + thanks Adam for the historic research you did!!! ;-)