Apr 9, 2006


Sunday, sunday, they just keep coming. And as we know, here on Adam in the World every sunday is christmas. So rather than picking your nose or doing last weeks dishes, how about a little mathematical game or two...

Nim - an ancient game. The rules are very simple - remove as many stones/pearls/whatever from each row/heap. The player to remove the last has lost. In this flash version, Pearls Before Swine, you'll have to play the cynical gambler Juan. For a bit of game theory look here.

- is a simpler, easier, 2 dimensional version of Nim, invented by Piet Hein, a Danish scientist/thinker who are also responsible for games like Tangloids, Hex and the Soma Cube.

They're pure gymnastics for your brain and they are FREE. In other words you can't afford not to play.

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