Oct 8, 2005


... and if you miss me or just get bored while I'm gone, don't despair, for here is a somewhere for you to explore in the meantime:

UbuWeb have wonderful things stashed for anyone to watch, hear, read and/or download. They have several categories, fx:

Film - you could for instance start with Un Chien Andalou by Bunuel, or this absurd german 80'ies reggae pop with Joseph Beuys. They recommend you download rather than watch online.

Sound, yes it's true, free mp3s, imagine - I find Giacomo Ballas stuff, fx. Discussione sul futurismo di due critici sudanesi, real funny. But there's also John Cage, Burroughs and lots more.

Ok, that should keep you occupied then. See you.


Andreia said...

I don't know which kind of food are you eating, but it is the only thing I wouldn't try on your site. I'm liking it a lot, and I'm happy you know english, otherwise I would never be able to undestand this in danish. You should create an e-mail for your site.

tommy said...

hey adam.

did you know wallace and grommit are having a movie? it's out now in america.

i would have seen it, but my companion thought a g rated movie was not appropriate for being drunk and stoned at.

adam said...

Hello Andreia - I promise you, my cooking is excellent and very safe to eat, hehe. Thanks for the compliments. Sorry yours is in Portugese. I guess I should put an email somewhere...

Ehe Tommy, really glad you came by here. and good to hear you still can enjoy the simple pleasures of life ;) I just checked out the online trailer of return of the were rabbit and, imho, it looks excellent for a spliff, g rated or not. It hasn't arrived to my dark corner of the world yet...