Oct 29, 2005

More Eggs - Now Bigger


In between reading all I can find about situationists, I do take a little time to actually work on my project. This is a sneakpreview of my Travel Companion™. So far it's a plaster "egg", the size of a small dog. On the basis of this I'm gonna make it as a shell of wax, the same basic principle as THIS.
It's to be carried along on a route through the city, registering this walk, this route, in the deformations and imprints it'll get by the way it's carried and the surfaces it's pressed against. Where my first attempt created frozen moments, this one should be better suited at recording the actual movement over time.

Any questions (i doubt it - this all makes so perfect sense)?

1 comment:

charlotte said...

Dear adam, I just came across your website, I had it bookmarked along time ago while I was still in Cogenhagen.
I love your eggs! The images look really sensual and lovely. wish good luck with them and am looking forward to see them in real.
See you, Charlotte