Oct 7, 2005

Classicist Grafitti

Here's a quick one while working late and since I'm gonna be gone for a long, long weekend. Closing in (out) on a more urban scale:

Ellen Harvey have been out joining the fun on the graffiti-covered walls of New York - in the style of miniature classical landscape painting. She's placing them only on existing graffiti, calling it New York Beautification Project - which makes me wonder if she is one of those rare and elusive reactionary activists.


For people who might come by New York, or already be there, she's even mapped them. So there's a chance to get some fresh air.

And now I'll be off to sweet dreams with a good conscience since, going to and from this post, I managed to finish the first prototype of my "travel companion" - yippiyahu. Pictures can be expected later.


robyne said...
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robyne said...

yes, I know her images well, they comprise a part of my personal ny map..there used to be one near my old home, or I guess it is still there, but i am not...it is fun to take some time to enjoy your wanderings-wonderings...I hope you are loving Italy for me...R.

adam said...

Hello there girl
Linking to the map I thought of you, cool you already knew it. And yup - have really been loving it for you... did you go to Venice when you were in Italy? Hope all is good.