Nov 25, 2004


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A few months ago I was on a short, but intense travel through Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia. On our second day of travel, we were leaving the town of Osijek in eastern Croatia. It is very easy to find your way to the river in Osijek. You just go to a house which has not been renovated yet and find the facade which is full of bullet holes. That facade will be pointing towards the river.
On our way out we made a fast stop in the old city that some of us had already visited the night before. As most of our group went down to the river, I went off on my own down the first little street I could find and around a corner. I found myself on an empty and neglected square, well, perhaps more just a space without buildings. Sorrounded by 18th century warehouses. The only thing there, was this collection of old toys, lying on the gravel in the middle of the square. What strange child to leave his toys behind like that. And what strange collection of toys. Felt so much like taking one of them, but didn't do it. Didn't touch them at all in fact. They seemed to be of another world. Like the child had let them behind to escape the war. But the war ended years ago.


Anonymous said...

this reminds me of something from EASA2002 in Vis: house of famous, 'evil' dentist... had a lot of dolls, might be able to find some images.... jovan.

adam said...

Hi Jovan, nice of you to drop by :) Oh yes, that dentist... heard about him. His house made a big impression on many - with good reason, he he, saw a few pics. Would love to see some more...