Nov 24, 2004

just a dream

Just woke up after a very vivid dream. I'm gonna tell you about a part of it: I was in a strange place, some kind of city. With some kind of man. I no longer remember the details very well, except for this thing of which I'm about to tell you now... The man showed me a small scale model, sort of 1:36 I guess. It was a model of a black limo on it's way out on a bridge. Now, speed is not an easy thing to portray in a model like that, but in hindsight I suppose it was driving rather fastly. And the bridge ended abruptly in mid air, with a thin iron fence.
"Do you notice something strange...?" the man asked me, and I looked more carefully at the model. Through the back window of the limo I could see a number of passengers. A group of musicians, including a guy with tuba. A balkan band. And in the middle, a man in a black suit and a tall hat. "that is the mayor of Moscow..." the man I was with told me, " ...about to commit suicide!".

That's a pretty trippy thing. To commit suicide by having your driver take your limo onto a broken bridge, while you are on the backseat, with a band that plays loud balkan music!!! The stuff dreams are made of...


N Helenihi said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my Blog. You were my first visitor (I think). I like your all of your posts so far. The photo of the quail heart is fascinating. Anyway, thanks for the comment! I'll check your Blog again soon.

adam said...

Thank you too. You seem to ba having strange and funny things going on in your head so I'll be looking your way as well