Nov 27, 2004

All the true things...

"All the true things I'm about to tell you are shameless lies" - Bokonon

Words like "uncertainties", "self contradictions", "disinformation", "paradoxes" have been circling around in my head the last many months. I've always hated people who has found the truth and their self-righteous actions. And
I always liked film director Erik Clausen when he insisted on his right to contradict himself. This makes him extremely trustworthy in my mind. When you already know the ultimate truth, there's obviously not much more to talk about.

A movie which has revealed itself completely by the end of it, you would not care to watch a second time. A building that tell you all it's secrets when you look at the facade, you would not care to enter. A girl that shows up naked for the first date, you would have no reason to seduce.
It's about leaving space for people to think for them self. If you keep ends open, let things be uncertain and mysterious, you open up their imagination. And possibly your own.

If you feel like a bit of disinformatin, here's a couple of sites for you:

Danes for Bush - The name should say it all
ID sniper rifle - A very handy product
r50rd - an amazing robot project
the yes men - my favorite anti globalists


Anonymous said...

my man adam. I totally agree and if you think of it I guess its quite obvious. We always seek to understand the things we don´t, and twist and turn whatever truth gets trow at us.
Being curious is when I feel the best.
Movies like "lost highway" "mulholland drive" is in my opinion a tribute to the individual power of imagination. Giving the viewer a layout of possibilities to knit the pathwork of clues and leads together, making their personal perception of the stories. If you watch them several times, I think you will naturally ad layers not directly intergrated in the actual movies, but taken from your surroundings and whatever mood you might be in.
thats how your head works spinning treads together no matter what the actual truth is, if there is one..
if a girl shows up naked for the first date..imagine what she´ll do on the second!!!!

adam said...

Hello mr anonymous
Thanks for your good, long comment that makes made my thoughts on this subject wander further...