Jul 2, 2007


What can I say... the Theremin is one of the more freaky intruments out there. It is, I think, the only instrument you play without touching. And yet it is as dependent on your bodys position and movements as a musical suit.

This the Ether & Æther orchestra. Randy George on theremin. Playing the Gnarls Barkley hit Crazy. And I've never heard anything like Randy George.

Happy monday!


David Kreutzer said...

NYT LAYOUT! How refreshing my friend! Hej Adam. Jeg har et par spørgsmål ang. blogging. Ved du hvordan man får en "subscribe to this blog" frem (kan man overhovedet det hos blogger) og kan man ændre "0 comments" til noget andet som fx "leave a comment". Det sidste spørgsmål er om du ved om det er muligt at lave en knap som hedder "download pdf" el. noget i den stil...? Håber ikke det var for mange spørgsmål min gode ven. Kan forestille mig at du er til Roskilde, så jeg venter spændt på svar.... Hygge ;-) David

Juju said...

My friend just bought a good one... and I'm pretty excited about having a shot!

I'll let you know how much fun it is ;)

Hajra said...

I found the best link in my e-mail this morning: Marshall McLuhan audios from the sound section of ubuweb, and it's all about media, perception & thinking & behavior(back/forth).
I only went trough a few, and intend to check out more of the audio archives, so I don't have a recommendation yet, butIlltellyouwhenIdobyenow

Hajra said...

verdict: disapointment;
there's an interesting note in #3 about dynamic vs. static space, culture-dependant, and a cool example of a child on a plane saying: "when do we get smaller again?"; and in #4 about private vs. corporate ... experience (impression? image? representation?...) whereas visual perception belongs to private exclusive experiences, unlike tactile perception --> but you already had better quotes in that Walter Benjamin article before.
Ah well, I shouldn't loose my mind over seemingly interesting links in early morning anymore.
Happy Wednesday!

adam said...

Going a bit slowly these days after Roskilde... ;)

@ juju - you lucky man. I'd love to try... I want friends with theremins to.

@ Hajra - thanks for the review. Think I'll go straight to your recommendations for breakfast.

And please keep on loosing your mind. 24 hours a day :)