Jul 12, 2007


Just came back from the Roskilde Festival. Despite the amounts of mud and tents it is indeed a truly urban experience, a yearly experiment in ephemeral urbanity - a city of 100.000 people existing for 4 days. Build of nylon, rain, beer, shit, love and rock'n roll.

There's much to tell but it will not be now. Please just enjoy this painting by Vermeer - View of House in Delft ... which has noting to do with Roskilde. Except that it is also a city, where sometimes it rains.

What I like particularly about this painting is the plane of the facade. It Appears so two-dimensional. A veil. It is so fragile, full of cracks and holes. Explored and penetrated by the gaze of the viewer. A surface containing or defining a depth of its own.

Click it and it gets fabulously big.


bioephemera said...

Vermeer is one of my top five artists ever. Not only is his eye surprisingly modern in paintings like this one, how clear and sharp everything seems in his paintings: real light is rarely, if ever, so pure. I wonder sometimes if something has happened to smudge the world, since Vermeer died.

adam said...

Hmmm... I would like to know your entire top 5

hajra said...

Hey Adam! Did you ever see this:
<- mp3 lectures galore; search:deleuze -> you get this russian accented lecturer speach that cleared up the topic of le pli for me more than any free online article so far. Maybe you can come up with more lucky searches.