Jul 26, 2007


As the regular readers have noticed Adam in the World is enjoying the summer vacation. Instead of posting activities has included the Roskilde Festival, hanging out with my grandmother and playing with my old Lego.

At this very moment though I find myself in Elefsina, just outside Athens. Together with 420 students of Architecture from 35 European countries + plus a few from Latin America. EASA (European Architecture Student Assembly) has been taking place since 1981. Every year in a different place. Two weeks packed with workshops and parties and loads and loads of international socializing.

This year my role is to support a workshop about food (ritualized meals, the influence of context, memories and fx sound on the experience of eating, etc... good old fashioned playful conceptual experimentation) and to help out with all the power tools for the more practical workshops.

It's 45°C, really well organized this year, food is great, people are happy and the workshops are beginning to really take off. In other words - th atmoshpere is excellent.

For regular, possibly rather chit-chatting, updates of what's happening throughout the event check out the easa blog.

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Daweed said...

Hej Adam... godt at se du stadig er aktiv på din blog ...og at du stadig leger med lego :-)

Hvornår flytter I egentlig herover på Islands Brygge? Er det ikke snart? Der er godt nok stille her på gangene i Juli, men du holder garanteret også selv ferie...

Hav' det rigtig godt - og tjek lige den BEijing Lufthavn video på min blog eller youtube... største bygning på Jorden nogensinde he he.. vildt!

take care og nyd fortsat sommeren