May 30, 2007


I am sorry for not posting lately... it just so happens that I have become a bit stressed at work. Just a bit. For the first time. The project has recently moved into the so-called porridge fase. All the while the sun has been shining as mercilessly as possible this time and place. So, only really merciless if you are sitting inside an office.

In other words summer has actually arrived now. Oh yes, I've even been swimming in the sea... and grilling freshly caught fish. And reading about songlines - just you wait, it'll be spread on this blog like flakes of gold...

The picture above I'm afraid does not have anything to do with anything. But as the aborigenes say "nothing is nothing"... so why not - it does fit the theme of this blog well. It is a facade in India made of cow poopoo, each with the imprint of a hand. The action of building becomes the ornament, as the builder imprints himself onto each brick. Scanned from the lovely photobook "suspended on a line" by Walter Battistessa (so it's actually only half a photo).

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