May 6, 2007


Politiken reported the other day that Copenhagen pedestrians are in the world elite. Of the 32 cities in the survey, the pace of life project, only singaporeans are faster.

In each of these cities prof. Richard Wiseman has chosen 1 (just one?!) 20 m stretch of street and measured the average time it would take people to walk it. Copenhagen 10.82 sec. Blantyre in Malawi 31.60 sec. For 20 meters. That's pretty damn slow. Complete list HERE.

" A study carried out in the early 1990s demonstrated that pedestrians’ speed of walking provides a reliable measure of the pace of life in a city, and that people in fast-moving cities are less likely to help others and have higher rates of coronary heart disease."

Meanwhile over at Pruned the latest post is about piezoelectrical technology. Fx. as used in this shoe, BrightWalk, “that incorporates piezo-electric transducers and electroluminescent polymers to generate light while the user is walking or running.”

Pruned has several other very (more) interesting examples. Fx the wavegarden and the sustainable dancefloor... and from there the imagination of a young urban planner just goes on and on...

The original thought with this post was to say something clever about the energy potentially produced in Copenhagen and Blantyre. But now I lost it. If you have anything smart to say please enlighten me.

Instead let's look at Muybridge (not him personally) one of the fathers of looking very closely at (naked) people walking...


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