May 8, 2007

Motel de Moka

Motel de Moka seem to be an excellent music blog that I happened to wander by.

The real reason though I'm posting about this is to show you this extremely delicious bookshelf that accompanied one of their posts... Some day, somehow, I'm gonna steal this idea... so help me God...

"The design house of mike and maaike developed a wonderfully elegant and simple bookshelf for a curated series of bookshelves. Its title: "religion".

Niches for seven influential religious texts are carved out of a three-foot-long piece of hardwood and reverently cozied up to one another."

The piece is called Juxtaposed: religion is the first in a series og "Juxtaposed" bookshelves and produced in a limeted edition of 50. 2500$.

via Motel de Moka via Speaking of Faith

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