Apr 17, 2007

Back, yet again

Okidoki... heeeere weeee gooooooo.....
Back in business. With a stylish, easy to read, spanking new design. Overwhelming new functionalities. And more focused than ever. On subjects such as:

  • Urban Space
  • Bodies

I seriously doubt you could've thought of any subjects more exiting yourself. So lean back and enjoy a thrilling ride through such diverse places as Venice, Sundbyvester Square and the cheek of Duchamp.
Also you can now revel in the new popular functionalities, like the easy to navigate archives menu, the thematic labels (below each post), the automatic urban design news (sidebar, bottom) and the special ask a ninja video features (at the very bottom).

Finally - there's still a lot of open questions concerning the format of this... should I switch to Danish (a 50/50 mix I guess)... is the page design final (no it's not)... will anybody read this (probably only if i tell them)... and so on and so on.... so we'll see...

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