Apr 24, 2007

Giant Steps

Often, after late nights of painful work at arch.school I would go to the Christiania Jazzclub. Wednesdays and fridays. And i would sit there. And watch some guy from the music conservatory. Just blow out his art through his instrument. And i would be so jealous of the immediacy of his medium. Compared to the torturously slow process of architecture.

Here's a movie just about that. The song is 'giant steps' by John Coltrane. And the movie is made by Michal Evy. Send to me by cousin Axel. Nice.


Axel said...

Hurray for the mother of all science!
John Coltrane is doing the math, indeed an architect in himself.

Let's have a ball @ "jette bra'" Roskilde Festival..!

Have a nice day, adam!

adam said...

Hej Axl

... eh, nice you dropped by - glad there was something for you too ;)

yup - let's have a ball. Saturday night is the night!