Aug 23, 2005

Ok, let's try one more time...

Here I am, back and fresh from a long summer pause, ready to start blogging again. So let's see how it goes.

Lots have happened since my last post - and first af all I think I owe old readers to tell that my girlfriend passed and is now a real architect. She even got a job. And she's even still my girlfriend, hehe. And I even managed to finish mu own (not final) project.

The past two weeks I've spend at EASA - 450 students of arch. from 35-40 european (+ a few other) countries, gathered in Bergün in the swiss alps. Oh jeez, it gets cold up in them mountains when the sun goes down. Well, at least we got out of there before all the roads and bridges started to get rained away. And the workshop the Curious Suitcase Incident, was quite a succes. 14 participants from 11 countries generating around 3 Gb (have no idea how and what, got a lt of seeing through and editing to do) digital material in 8,5 days.

Read all about it in "THE FOLLOWING POSTS" where I'll return with lots of pics, links and stuff to read - this was just me sort of sneaking unnoticed back in through the back door.



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Anonymous said...

SOOOOO nice to have you back ;) warm vibes from up north*