Aug 30, 2005

New Features

As returning visitors should allready have noticed I have been fiddling around a bit to improve YOUR blog experience. And attract more young readers.

The changes, in the sidebar, includes, from the top:

°To increase the general feeling of drama on the blog "Previous Posts" is now called "Recent Headlines" .

°Even more action, pictures, things that move - a flickr-badge, giving glimpses and fast, direct acces to my fotos there.

°Finally for the more mature reader, the long ago promised and equally long awaited new improved links section(s). Yes, we have now no less than 4 (four) different categories of links. These will be changed tweaked and expanded in the future to greatly enhance adam in the world as your main portal to the world wide web. Now, go explore.

More info might follow later.

Comments and advice, as well as suggestions for links, will be very happily received.


dubravka said...

i am soooo happy with the progress. and i already got addicted to check the blog every day...
adam, well done!

anni said...

adam has fans all over the world... yes adam, well done! we are all so happy to have you back, no-blog-for-the-summer left a big void which is quickly filling up.
good improvements!