Aug 26, 2005

The Amazing Butter Experience

This is one of the projects that was made during our "curious suitcase incident" workshop at easa two weeks back. The Amazing Butter Experience was made by one of our most hardworking and talented participants, Kaspars Endols of Latvia. One of the few to really understand what we were talking about. Especially the part about experimenting rather than just illustrating preconcieved ideas. Experiment can be a very frustrating working method for an architect - to work on something without having a clear idea of the end result. But this way can really open up the world for you and take you beyond your own imagination.

After 8 days of hardcore experiments with butter Kaspars had created beautifull pictures and short animations discussing the ephemeral nature of memories in a very poetic way and creating wonderful colors, shapes, structures and textures as he went along. And a bit of smoke too.




See more of the pics HERE

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