Jan 10, 2005

Ear City - part V

Oh yes, here it is, the long awaited grande finale of "ørestaden", the fiction. So, please, lean back and enjoy...

Tiny bubbles floated through the veins in the neck. The ear was pounding with an impossibly nervous rhythm that extended itself to the bottom of the throat. It took a turn against him and the body began to transform. A big bloody muscle was now appearing behind the furry surface. It continued the showing of the insides, involving bigger parts of body... A breathtaking hollowness planted itself in the lungs and a reflection of distant stars meet his eyes.
the wound from the razorblade has grown big again it must have
is it my watch lying in there?
do i wear cap today? i never wear cap my hair is so beautiful and my ass
is gone
please take the cap off please its so heavy it strangulates me please take it off
if i lie still there is no cap
it’s not a cap
I’m almost home
green why didn't i see it before two times now so fresh
the train has newer been so long will the sound never stop my head hurt please stop
i shouldn't lie here in the rain
lets go home
how stupid i am
those orange cushions so heavy forces down my body i cannot breathe
let me sleep yes hold me tight i'm so happy in your arms your big stomach heats my back
your wet breath in my face
my hair is so heavy

That was it. It's all over now. Hope you enjoyed reading. We sure enjoyed writing...

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