Sep 11, 2007

Prince vs. MJ

I'm dead-tired and lazy so here's an easy one for you - James Brown asking first Michael Jackson, then Prince on to the stage. And we see Prince out-funkin' MJ 10 time and out-rock'n'rollin him 100! Oh yeah.

Must've been a rather nice little intimate concert experience.


cykeltyv! said...

what a show(-off)!!! thanks to the groove band. they dont make em sound like this good anymore.
and once again hallelujah youtube. never was a more funky brother than him. _ct

cykeltyv! said...

gave me goose bumps on my back more than once. so thank you aitw. ses

hajra said...

Hello Adam! You probably know everything in this article, but I didn't and it reminded me of you:

(maybe need to register at first, it's free and very much worth it)

hajra said...

haha also maybe: