Sep 6, 2007

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

This artist, Jonathan Harris, writes amazing pieces of software. Software which maps nothing less than the mental state of the world. The results are some very poetic interactive maps. It's done by collecting data from the internet. A concept that has been tried in many variations before. What is special about this stuff is the extremely clever ways these data are treated and visualized. Fx. in We Feel Fine which maps the emotions of the world. It would be more precise to say emotions of the blogosphere perhaps... but anyway - the results seem really quite advanced and poetic, so go and play.

Newer and even more interesting than We Feel Fine is Universe - a modern mytholgy.

But before you start playing and exploring these worlds of his (or us) do yourself the favour of spending 20 min. of precious mindless browsingtime and whatch his speach from the TED conference this year, to get a very prober explanation of how these interactive maps work.

I feel like a map of myself.

(and thank you Luis for bringing my attention back to Ted's YouTube channel :)

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Johannes said...

on a similar side is the project which manifests itself for instance in

quite worthwhile to check it out, actually.

but thanks for that link, adam.. looks cool