May 8, 2005


Two years back or so, I bumped in to the term "Transhuman" for the first time, it happened at the site of Natasha Vita More (that name, lol) Here's a quote from her site that sums up what it's all about:

"Consider a body that features:

A Sensorial Mix
Assured Performance
Motion in Concert with Physique
Seamless Fusion of Body and Technology
Equilibrium of Logic and Passion

— It's the choice of a future generation."

Even though these transhumanists believe in things like aliens, people returning from the future (there ARE several known examples) and cryonic life extension, they are full of good ideas, and intriguing thoughts about possible futures. And they are not without humor "I have a deep nostalgia for the future." - FM-2030 (again, what a name)

The reason I thought of it now, is that I just came across a quite interesting article about a guy who got a magnetic piercing in his finger - giving him the ability to "sense" electromagnetic fields! LINK

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