May 6, 2005

A pair of Danes in suits

We got a very positive email from the EASA-organizers the other day regarding our workshop, so I'm more than optimistic. I will however not reveal anything about the project yet, though I know you're all just about to burst with exitement.

For now you'll simply have to do with a couple of projects that we've come to have some similarities with, in the sense that we're also gonna be two Danes wearing suits and bringing some luggage, containing alternative realities, with us.

Danish artists Nielsen and Rasmussen decides shortly after the american invasion, to bring democracy to Iraq.

"...Nielsen & Rasmussen decides to transform The Democracy to a smaller, portable aluminium flight container, thereby adapting the utopian, universal space of The Democracy to the conditions of the particular."


This is not just a mocking satire - it is carried by a sensere concern and it brings them in contact with people, discussions and events. All very relevant and interesting. LINK


The ID-sniper rifle designed by Jakob S. Boeskov, is cabable of shooting a microchip, tracable by sattelite, into fx people at a demonstrotion. As a representative of fictive weapons company Empire North, he went to the Cina Police 2002 weapons exhibition in beijing. Bringing along just a suit and some renderings - the only place the rifle actually existed. LINK


"Danes fo Bush", also by Jakob S. Boeskov and Mads Cortzen, is a bit more light hearted. They went on a tour through the U.S. during the elction campaign - pretending to represent the organisation "Danes fo Bush". Although basically just a satirical hoax, this really got peoples emotions running wild. LINK

What they all have in common, also with our workshop, on a more interesting level, is the method - by putting on suits and carrying certain props, they build up an alternative reality around them, through which they can explore and interfere with "the game" from within.

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