Apr 4, 2008

Secrets & Lies

Night spend at dinner/workshop discussing a project on the subject of abandoned buildings and secret places.

Here are some of the things that came up:

abandon.dk - a map of abandoned - but now, no longer secret - places in Danmark

organiseret adgang - a very secretive guy who create "offices" in direlict buildings

crimson - Dutch urban and architectural thinking

Rana Hadad - Lebanese artist, graphic and web designer


Anonymous said...

Interesting post Adam :)

Wish I could find similar useful resources for my part of the world - being able to read Danish would be a plus too!

You might like this, abandonment on a vast scale.


adam said...

Uh - thx for that super nice link ... was familiar w a couple of the examples, but was not familiar with weburbanist...very gratefull for that :)

Anonymous said...

jo meng,

tommy from brooklyn still checking in, probably as often as you post. respect from los angeles, ca, a place i hope is wiped off the map first when our country finally collapses. then the rubble will be ALL MINE.