Sep 25, 2005

Faces of Death

I found a real piece of online quality: an online gallery of princeton universitys Collection of deathmasks. Strange to look into these tired, bony faces. Frozen moments - not of living body, but of a dead and decaying one. And even though they are casts of empty shells they seem to convey so much emotion, having caught the charaters in a most intimate situation - their own deathbed.

deathmask of jonathan swift
The deathmask of Jonathan Swift

Also highly useful is the Web Gallery of Art which I refound looking for this particular picture: The Death of Marat by David. I always liked it very much.


And here is his actual deathmask.

deathmask of marat

And have a merry sunday.


xLaB said...

did i tell u that in my young times at secondary school i was Jean-Paul Marat eing murdered in my bathtub on stage by a gorgeous charlotte corday? ;-)

adam said...

no, for some reason you've never revealed this fact to me before... I'm sure you were great ;)